Template store - Terms of service

1. A Developer is not responsible in any way for submitted command template
2. Submitted command template should be appropriate for everyone (no NSFW content etc.)
3. Submitted command template mustn't contain:
- Virtual gambling
- Commands templates with the main purpose of spamming/destructing other people servers or/and DMs (also known as "raid")
- Advertising
- Links to external websites (APIs and images are allowed)
- Random characters to fill space
4. User can report command template for potential rule violation by using the appropriate button in the template store
5. Command templates reports are reviewed under 7 working days since report
6. If command template do not follow this ToS, it will be removed by staff member
7. If a user is repeatedly violating this ToS, it can be punished by removing access to command store and/or temporary account suspension also known as "ban"